Hey guys! Slinky here, a first time blogger. I thought for a first post I should introduce myself and tell you all at little about me. I am a miniature dachshund who is 4 and a half years old. My birthday is in June (mark your calendars!) and I LOVE toys especially the ones that make the squeaky sound. I also love going on adventures and I get to go almost everywhere with my parents! I should probably mention my friends and family; I have my two human parents called mummy and daddy and a 5 month old brother, Ollie. Technically Ollie is only my half-brother cause we have different birth mothers but mum says it’s not nice to point that out. Ollie’s pretty cool for the most part but sometimes he bites me and steals my toys, mum says it’s because he’s little and he will grow out of it. I am the main protector of the house and I can be always counted on to let intruders know they are not welcome with my mighty and terrifying bark.

I have two best friendsย Cleo and Khan; Cleo and I grew up together and I guess you could say she’s my cousin because she lives with my uncle but she is a cat so I’ll let you decide that one. My other best friend, Khan, has just turned 4 years old and is A LOT bigger then me, because he’s a Labrador. I was one when my daddy’s parents brought Khan home and I’ve been the boss of him ever since.ย I think that’s why we are such good friends. I do have other friends and extended family which I will introduce you too later!

There is a lot more awesome stuff about me I will be writing here in the future but for now I will leave you with this short introduction. Some of the super fun things you can expect to see from me in the future are my adventures, lots of pictures and the occasional breed related post!

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